big database including Airbus, Boeing, GE, CFM56, LEAP,RR,V2500.

Made-to-order,  for welding training, plasma testing.

Safety cable, Lockwires kept in stock.

About us

Teda Inc is supplying consumables for Aircraft and Engines.

We are based in the USA, also have a stock located in Hongkong serving Asian customers.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide AOG service.

Our American and Asian colleagues provide 24/7 customer service.

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Freudenberg Viledon filter P15/150S P15/350S stocked

We have raw rolls Freudenberg Viledon P15 filter stocked in USA and Hong Kong, also cut it in pieces as your requirement.The part numbers are …

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PWA211815 PWA211430 PW1100G engine stands for sale or leasing

PWA211815 PWA211430 PW1100G engine stands stocked for sale or leasing PW1100G engine stands,  stocked for sale or leasing  part number: PWA211815D71STA00022G03PWA211430AGSE-E262 Location: 1ea in LAX …

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P05-434 AMS5685, Alloy30305,Safety wire

P05-434 AMS5685, Alloy30305,Safety wire Safety wireAMS5685, Alloy30305 steel, Dia0.02inch,1lbspool P05-434, PW standard in stock

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More manuals available

More manuals available Recently our website is updated, more manuals are available for you. Here are the samples of manuals with their typical consumable part …

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Bergen K30B18 Safety Cable™ Kit

Bergen K30B18 Safety Cable™ Kit for sale   (321 CRES) AMS5689 AS3510 K20B09 K20B12 K20B18 K20B21 K20B24 K30B09 K30B12 K30B18 K30B21 K30B24 K40B09 K40B12 K40B18 …

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DMC C10-218 SAFE-T-CABLE Kit for sale.   321 CRES C10-312 C10-318 C10-321 C10-324 C10-212 C10-218 C10-221 C10-224   CP8001 Safety wire 0.032 in. (0,8 mm) …

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