Why Choose PMA Brake Heat Pack Components

  1. A Better Brake Part from Design to Delivery

To get PMA approval for our brake parts, we set the bar high. Our designs, engineering, testing, manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance are comprehensive and rigorous.  We document thousands of dynamometer test landings and regulated flight tests which include, but are not limited to, max weight landings, water contaminated runway landings and rejected take-offs. Quite simply, we build the safest, longer lasting, better performing brake parts.

  1. Faster Turnaround Time

There are many advantages to having a comprehensive all-in-house system. For starters, we’re far more proactive, innovative, and responsive compared to our OEM counterparts. We stock all our parts right here in America and Asia. In most cases, orders ship the same day. We have a professional, experienced and courteous staff to support you from sales to installation.

  1. Serious Savings

We can pass on substantial savings in efficiency, sanity, and cost to you. For example, we stock convenient Hot-Pac Brake Overhaul Kits among individual components and you have direct connections to live, professional, actual people serving customers from sales to technical issues.

When considering OEM vs. PMA parts, it ultimately comes down to price. There really is no competition. Our PMA parts will beat OEM prices every time.

•Annual price increases

•Slow delivery

•Impatient, dismissive attitude

•Old technology

•Eligibility through PMA

•Large cost savings

•Quick delivery

•Helpful attitude

•New technology

•Eligibility through PMA



Our PMA parts are quicker, easier to deal with, less expensive, small and aggressive. They’re the opposite.

we earned PMA certificate by proving performance with hundreds of stops on a dynamometer and a strict AUTHORITY mandated flight test schedule. Testing included normal landings under different conditions as well as at wear-limit Rejected Takeoff’s. Our brake parts exceed OEM performance standards and airworthiness requirements.



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